Friday, July 8th 2022 

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Dr Christian Coachman

DSD founder & developer of worldwide well-known concepts as the Digital Smile Design, the Digital Planning Center, Emotional Dentistry.... Dr Christian Coachman is following MODJAW since the start, fun fact : the first ever MODJAW demo was performed in Sao Paulo, during DSD Residency !
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Dr Sebastjan Valrjen & Dr Stefan Scholz

Associates at Dentprevent clinic, Sebastjan and Stefan are dental specialists passionate about dentistry for more than twenty years. They joined the MODJAW Community in 2020 and are among the biggest users of the device with more than 1000 MODJAW records / year !
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Ricardo Domingues

He started his professional career as a Dental Technician 18 years ago, first as analogic then as full digital ! Since then, Ricardo has became a Global Digital Advisor for MODJAW and is now lecturing and providing training around the globe.




CAD designing and CAM manufacturing of an occlusal scheme in harmony with function remains a great challenge in dental treatments, yet plays a major role in the long term success of dental rehabilitations.

Since its creation, DSD has taught clinicians around the globe how to design better smiles and perform better treatments.
With MODJAW, you are now able to transform those beautiful smiles into beautiful and functional ones.
Making smiles that respect the patient's physiology and that last longer were a dream and it's now a reality that everyone can implement starting tomorrow!
How ? By capturing the real motion of every patient to diagnose and build treatment plans!
Join this exclusive event to see how the balance between esthetic & function is managed in digital practice.


  • Understanding the new trends and the need forcustomized strategies for success.
  • Understanding the challenges of real digitalization and how to overcome them.
  • Understanding your patients and improving your message. - Understanding the real impact of digital on clinical procedures.
  • Understanding why you need MODJAW 
  • Understanding when to use MODJAW
  • Seeing real-life clinical cases using MODJAW Tech in Motion



8:30AM - Welcome / Breakfast

9AM - 12PM -  DSD concepts and learnings by Dr Christian Coachman 

12PM - 1:30PM - Lunch break

1:30-2:30PM -  Introduction to 4D Dentistry by Dr Christian Coachman

2:30PM- 3:30PM  MODJAW demo + software review by Ricardo Domingues

3:30PM - 4PM - Break

4PM - 5:30PM - Perfect Aesthetics & Function - The proof of concept by Dr Sebastjan Varljen & Dr Stefan Scholz

5:30PM - 6PM - Summary & wrap-up by Dr Christian Coachman

6PM - 7:30PM Cocktail