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🙏 A Heartfelt Thanks to All our attendees and Our Sponsors 🙏

Epic events aren’t born; they're crafted through collaboration! Immense gratitude to our esteemed sponsors:
- TruAbutment, Inc.
- Medit
- SprintRay
- Anthogyr
- Tri Implants
- Imagine USA
- Asiga
- Ackuretta
- Phrozen 3D Printer

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Thank you for manifesting the unimaginable, and for journeying with us into uncharted territories of dental technology!

Let's continue to break barriers, reshape the digital dental world, and traverse into the future, hand in hand! 🌐🤝
Prof Adam NULTY

🎉 A Revolutionary Recap Awaits! 🎉

The echoes from the astounding #IDDAxMOD 1st International 3D Printing Symposium still resonate in the futuristic corridors of dentistry! 🚀🦷 One week has passed, yet the innovations and revelations unveiled at the IDDA's SIXTH international conference linger vividly!

🎥 1-Minute Memories 🎥
Dive into a 1-minute video recap to re-live the pulsating moments from stellar personalities in the world of 3D printing and dentistry!

👀 Stay Tuned! 👀
Join us in this 1-min recap & rekindle those moments of awe, inspiration, and forward-thinking that we experienced together!
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📸 Relive the Magical Moments in Palma de Mallorca with #IDDAxMOD! 🌅

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Let’s cherish and share the knowledge & beauty interwoven at Palma de Mallorca, ensuring the echoes of innovation and collaboration continue to inspire!
🌟 Glimpses of Genius & Beauty 🌟
Journey through captivating moments with industry stalwarts like Christian Coachman, Wally Renne, Adam Nulty, Quintus Van Tonder, and more, set against the serene backdrop of Mallorca's mesmerizing landscapes! 
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