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SMOP Guided Surgery

By Hugo Patrao

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Digital Dental Technology applied to Implant placement deliver accuracy when used in a proper way

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  • 1 Module
  • 12 Sections
  • 3D Implant Planning
  • Guided implant placement
  •  Accurate Data capture

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Hugo Patrao
Service partner specialist for Smop
Involved in developing and improving the SMOP software 
I am delighted you have chosen to undertake this course through the Digital Dental Academy, the UK’s premier independent teaching provider for digital dentistry.

This course is designed to help professionals navigate SMOP software and will show them how to use it in their practice.

I've done my very best to make this course as informative and tutorial driven as possible, and I really hope you enjoy it.

If you need any sort of guidance please feel free to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,
Course Provider

Course Structure

SMOP Guided Surgery
Patrick Jones - Course author

Hugo Patrao

Hugo Patrao is a service partner specialist for Smop by Swissmeda with a degree in Dental Technology and is also registered with the GDC.

He is involved in developing and improving the SMOP software to meet the increasing demands of the market and deliver specialised training on digital planning workflows.

In recent years Hugo has been at the forefront of dental technology, working with heads of research and development teams from around the world.

He has helped deliver new dental appliances and more recently he was helping clinicians incorporate new technologies and digital planning into their practices and protocols, design drilling guides and developing new drilling procedures.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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